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Book by Richard Townhill
Lyrics by Joanna Marshall and Ross Keeping
Music by Richard Townhill
From an original show by Joanna Marshall and Richard Townhill

Zac is awkward, he’s young and he’s a loner. He has also been invited to the Halloween party at his childhood friend Bella’s house. Will he finally pluck up the courage to declare his love for her? It’d be so much easier if she didn’t spend all her time lusting after Mr Popular, Flash.

Unexpectedly, Zac is attacked and bitten by a vampire. Newly transformed into one of the undead himself, it seems Zac may be getting his teeth into Bella after all – just not quite how he had hoped or expected...

Via some stolen kisses, a bit of cross-dressing and a vampire-hunting soul singer, all eventually ends happily as our heroes realise friendship and self-belief are what really count!

The shows starts with a love triangle and contends with Zac's lack of self belief as he denies his love for Bella. Along the way his mushroom collecting hobby leads to an unlikely turn of events as the halloween party all receive a dose of the love potion causing chaos. Will Zac get his first bite? Will Bella get staked? And will the true villains be unearthed?


Act 1

  1. We don’t Bite – The Vampettes
  2. More than Before – Bella, Zac
  3. Halloween Once More –Bella, Syd, Cindy, Flash and Gang, Chorus, Zac
  4. Vampires Rock – Max, Val, Vampettes, Zac
  5. Flash – Flash and Gang, Vampettes, Chorus
  6. It Must be Lust – Bella, Syd, Zac, Max, Vampettes
  7. My Man’s Rich – Cindy, Female Chorus
  8. The Dressing Up Song – Flash, Vampettes
  9. Time to be Bad – Max, Val, Zac, Chorus
  10. Stop Right There – Syd, Flash
  11. Silent Cry - Bella
  12. Tonight is the Night – Zac, Bella

Act 2

  1. Once Bitten – Chorus
  2. My Lips are on Fire – Bella
  3. Monster – Syd, Chorus
  4. Mind War – Zac, Flash
  5. Save Me Buffy – Buffy, Priest, Chorus
  6. Bella – Zac, Vampettes
  7. Silent Cry reprise – Syd, Zac, Bella
  8. Finale - Chorus
  9. Once Bitten reprise – Company


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We don’t Bite – The Vampettes
It Must be Lust – Bella, Syd, Zac, Max, Vampettes
Silent Cry – Bella
Mind War – Zac, Flash
My Lips are on Fire – Bella
Once Bitten – Chorus


Act 1 script excert
Act 2 script excert
Flash - score
Monsters - score


Act 1

The show begins with a sassy girl group (The Vampettes) singing of vampires and murder (We Don’t Bite).  As they leave the stage we discover we are in a Transylvanian forest in the dead of night.  Max and Val, vampire council workers discover the body of Zac (who has been collecting rare mushrooms) who has been bitten by a vampire.  They revive him and inform him he must bite someone he knows within 24 hours or face torment in demon hell.   A friends’ Halloween party in England the following night will give the perfect opportunity. 
As Zac flies home he ponders his fate (More Than Before)  Back in England, his friend Bella (who Zac is secretly in love with) sings excitedly in anticipation of her party to her best friend Syd.  She is in love with Flash.
(Halloween Once More) It is Halloween and the guests begin to arrive to at Bella’s party, Syd, Cindy and Sam, Flash and his gang and finally Zac.
Zac discovers Zac and Val are also at the party to supervise his progress.  They are invisible to all but Zac. They tell him more about life as a vampire (Vampire’s Rock).  They tell him that Bella must be his first victim before midnight.
Flash and his gang sing to the delight of the party (Flash). His gang challenge him to pull Syd, who is gay. He must also be wearing a dress.  The girls sing about their love lives. (It Must be Lust) and Cindy sings about her relationship (My Man’s Rich)
(The Dressing Up Song)  Flash dresses for his challenge.  (Time to be Bad)  Zac unsuccessfully tries to bite girls at the party through a series of party games.
Flash confronts Syd who is disgusted by the boys’ challenge (Stop Right There).  After a heated argument, however, the two kiss.  They are observed by Bella who runs off distraught (Silent Cry)
It turns out Syd had eaten homemade pizza containing love mushrooms left in the house by Zac.  As midnight approaches she tells Zac to go and sort out the mess he has inadvertently caused.   Max and Val remind him that he must bite Bella before midnight or face an eternity of torment.
(Tonight is the Night)  Zac comforts Bella, who discovers that he is love with her.  As the clock strikes midnight, Zac realises he can’t bring himself to bite her.  Unexpectedly she turns and bites him instead.  He crawls away in shock as she faints in horror at what she has done…

Act 2

(Once Bitten) The party is full swing. 
Flash’s gang break it to him that the reason he won his bet was because Syd was drugged. 
Val admits to Max and Zac that she had bitten Bella. Max tells Zac he still needs to bite someone.
(My Lips are on Fire)  Bella awakens feeling confident and sexual.  She realises she is a vampire and when Syd confronts her she tries to bite her.  Syd works out Bella is vampire but erroneously thinks it is Zac who has turned her.  She manages to trap Bella in the wardrobe. (Monsters) She dreams of a world of vampires and vows to go after Zac. She tells Flash who says he will deal with Zac.
(MindWar)  Zac and Flash confront each other.  Max and Val drag Zac out of the house – they need to get out of here.
Cindy has called a vampire hunter, Buffy who turns up and whips the party up into a murderous frenzy (Save me Buffy).
Zac insists to Max and Val they go back to save Bella from Buffy (Bella). They return to the house.  Buffy banishes Max and Val, and then proceeds to stake Bella who collapses dying.  Syd and Zac are shocked at what has happened and sing with Bella as she passes away (Silent Cry reprise).
Buffy finds out that Val (who wears dentures) is the one who bit Bella – she can’t be a vampire.  They frantically resuscitate her and work out it is the effect of the love mushrooms that have caused Bella to act like a vampire. (Tonight is the Night reprise) As the cast take their bows, Zac collapses, he still needs to bite someone – Flash realises he can live on the Transylvanian blood mushroom.  As they bow for a second time they are interrupted by the Vampettes who intend to kidnap Zac and take him back to Transylvania – it is they who bit him in the first place.  Flash uses his stilettos to stake the Vampettes who are turned to dust.  Zac and Bella reflect on the night’s events and how they have finally been brought together.  (Once Bitten reprise)


Zac – Is new to the world of vampires and struggles with what is expected of the undead.  He is naturally geeky so morphing into a suave creature of the night does not come easily to him. (TENOR)
Costume – initially the anorak and ill fitting trousers of a classic  trainspotter.  Halloween Costume – Dracula, Hammer Horror style.

Max and Val – Members of the Vampire Council, they are assigned to new vampires to help them adjust to their new life/death.  Max is serious, Val excitable – much to Max’s annoyance. (BARITONE/MEZZO)
Costumes – elegant and gothic.

Bella – Sweet, a dreamer.  If she didn’t spend all her time mooning over Flash, she’d achieve so much more. Her friends despair that she’ll never be happy.  (SOPRANO)
Halloween Costume – virginal vampire nightie. Later – the nightie, ripped and torn reveals a more overtly sexy and confident Bella.

Syd – Practical, straight talking and gay.  Syd is extremely loyal to her best friend Bella.  She despises Flash because of his crassness and shallowness and the upset he causes Bella. (MEZZO)
Halloween Costume – boyish, but sexy biker look – with witches hat instead of helmet.)

Cindy – Cute, pretty and giggly.  Appears to act dumb too – the sort of girl guys love to love, and girls love to hate. (SOPRANO)
Halloween Costume – playboy bunny.

Sam – Cindy’s mysterious boyfriend - taciturn, masked and extremely wealthy.  Who is this guy and how does he earn his money?
Halloween Costume – Phantom of the Opera, from the musical.

Flash – A legend… in his own mind.  This guy thinks he’s the funniest and sexiest in the room.  Annoyingly for some  - most people seem to play along with the conceit! (TENOR)
Halloween Costume – sharp suit, devil horns, tail and trident.  Later – Shirley Bassey Frock over basque. 

Biff, Chav and Grunt – Flash’s mates – college jocks – not as dumb as they make out though.
Halloween Costume – college baseball jackets and shoes, and devil horns.  Later – sharp boyband look, and horns.
The Vampettes – the ultimate girl group – great moves and harmonies.
Halloween Costumes – cheerleader outfits, and horns.  Later – little black dresses, and horns.

Buffy Van Helsing – A comic book nerd’s fantasy heroine in the flesh!  Tough and businesslike, this girl gets the job done. (ALTO)
Costume – Like Lara Croft – but with added vampire slaying weapons (stakes, crosses etc)

Chorus of Halloween party guests, costumes include, amongst others, a priest (sings) and a doctor. No cheap Halloween tat please!  Sexy rather than scary.


Alto Sax (doubling Baritone Sax, Clarinet, Flute)
Trumpet (doubling Flugelhorn)
Electric Guitar (doubling Acoustic Guitar, Banjo)
Electric Bass (doubling Acoustic Bass)
Drums and Percussion
Keyboards 1
Keyboards 2